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FLASH SALE Two for $200

It's a wrap! Tips on how to wear one of our most popular styles

We are famous for our wrap frocks and there is good reason. A wrap has it all - flattering at the bust, a defined waistline, floaty skirt and you control how tight or loose you tie her.

We make two types of wraps - a 'true' wrap which is one long frock that needs to be tied at the waist or a Faux wrap which looks like a wrap but is actually more like a skirt and top combined with a belt. They both look fabulous but some body shapes suit a particular style.

1. The True wrap

Definitely more versatile, the true wrap gives you all the control. Tie the waist in tight for a cinched look and let her out abit after the main course for comfort. A true wrap has alot of fabric and much more 'swish' than a faux wrap - she really is the icon of frocks and you definitely need a true wrap in your wardrobe. If you have fabulous shoes to match our outfit, the true wrap will show them off. The true wrap best suits a larger or smaller bust as you have more control over the level of cover.  Here is our latest wrap - Giacinta!

2. The Faux Wrap

Not to be sniffed at and actually more popular than our true wraps, the faux wrap gives you that beautiful cross over neckline and ability to cinch in the waist, without all the volume of a true wrap. She is work-ready and easy to wear and it's only if you have a small bust that she might not suit your shape as the crossover is fixed.

In that case, head to a true wrap and you won't look back! Customers rave about our Faux Wraps and you will see them in lots of prints - the waist tie belt is a winner as you can tie it as loose or as tight as you like and pleats or tucks make the waistline more flattering. If you have a larger bust to waist ratio, the true wrap is a better choice. Portia (below) is our latest Faux wrap.

3. Tie Her your way!

With both styles you have the choice of how to tie your sash belt. A knot or a bow are the two most popular options and it depends on the look you are after.  With the seperate faux wrap belt, take the middle of the belt to your middle and crossover at your back, and then choose to either tie a knot or a bow at the side.

With the true wrap, the sash is built in but you can still tie a bow or a bow, depending on how you are feeling. Best to tie it at the join between the waist and the skirt.

But you know what - she's your frock! Make her your own by tying the belt however you like. Some ladies like to tie a bow at the back for either stye - experiment with both styles - the faux wrap and the true wrap - and you will get many frocks in one.

Wraps we have in our sale right now are Giacinta (True Wrap) and Portia (Faux Wrap). Enjoy wrapping, you won't look back!












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