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The Story Behind Leona Edmiston Activewear

Renowned internationally as 'Australia's Frock Queen,' Leona brings over three decades of expertise in designing dresses that exude style and sophistication. While her loyal Leona Lovers appreciate the versatility of frocks for various occasions, she recognised the need for apparel tailored to those 'in-between frock moments' like walking the dog or hitting the gym.

Embarking on a mission to cater to these needs, Leona collaborated with an activewear technical team to craft a range that marries designer appeal with functionality. Prioritising quality, comfort, and style, the collection embodies a positive, empowering, and elegant vibe, epitomised by the mantra 'Move the way you want.'


The Prints

Drawing from her signature flair for prints, Leona selected the enchanting 'Butterfly Run' and the bold 'Jungle Book' patterns for the debut of this exciting range. Each print carries deeper meanings - the butterfly symbolising 'transformation' and the leopard representing 'courage,' resonating with the brand's ethos of empowering women.


The Fit

True to her reputation for impeccable styling, Leona ensured that every detail of the activewear ensemble was meticulously crafted for both form and function. From the leggings with a supportive high waistband to the crop top featuring double-stitched straps and soft, removable cups, every piece was designed to provide comfort and confidence. The versatile crop top, with its adjustable length, offers flexibility for different preferences.

The structured jacket, featuring paneling and ribbed cuffs and collar, exudes sophistication while providing practicality. The active t-shirt boasts a bound collar and a subtly shaped hem, whilst the premium cotton Logo T-shirt is a modern shape with rolled cuffs and a shaped hem. The whole range transitions seamlessly from workout to weekend, pairing effortlessly with jeans and more casual attire.


The Fabric

Leona's meticulous attention to detail extends to the fabric selection, ensuring that the activewear not only looks stunning but performs well and feels luxurious to the touch. A super soft, poly/spandex fabric was chosen, delivering a smooth, matte finish reminiscent of the brand's iconic frocks.


 The Result

The response to the activewear range has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the comfort, style, and versatility of the pieces. As demand soars, Leona and her team are already hard at work on the next print, ensuring that each creation continues to inspire and empower women on their journey to self-expression and confidence. 




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